NW Natural Street of Dreams 2005 Doernbecher "Miracle Home"

NW Natural Street of Dreams 2005
Doernbecher "Miracle Home"

Site 20, The Quarry at Stafford,
Wilsonville, Oregon

A south facing slope with the site at an elevation below the ridge and road, having clear views to the distant valley below, provide the location. The functional program is in consideration of Owners that will be a family that would enjoy a formal "open plan" with the Masters of the home having the main living level and the Children having the opportunity of a separate lower living level provided.

Respecting the request that the project have a "Frank Lloyd Wright" influence, the fundamental concept was developed using the underlying grid intrinsic to this style. The plan, elevation and subsequent details all emulate this ordering. As such the massing and arrangement are very specific and subtly extend through the entire project.

The space planning, adjacencies, "flow" and detailing all adhere to this fundamental concept; a conceptual grid ordered and articulated through a series of oppositions. For example High vs. Low ceilings, wide sills vs. narrow jambs. Distinct opaque mass walls vs. the transparency of the window walls with the vertical slate pattern being used as a transition focusing on the same concept. On occasion, as with the shape of the kitchen island or the random granite shower lines are used to provide a simple whimsy in opposition to the inherent formality. We are not trying recreate only emulate a suggestion of the requested style.

All of this done with the single purpose; that of being a subtle background respecting the family who, in the end, provide the random and unpredictable finishes. From the exterior, this home is intended to provide an unpretentious dignity with the (North) front facade being understated and protective while, in opposition, the (South) rear facade is expanded and transparent. Bringing in the view without restrictions.

It is specifically not designed to be a pretentious assemblage of improperly scaled and oddly placed house forms that, unfortunately, is often the common place preconception to residential design.

Dan L. Goodrich AIA - President

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